Our Services
We enable our clients to access liquidity but also provide them with financial engineering and other tools to leverage off their franchise


Liquidity Provider

At Zoie, one of our main focuses is to provide liquidity to our clients on financial derivatives, within the digital asset space (futures, options, swaps, exotics, ...). We operate on all of the major Exchanges and contribute to the price discovery process necessary to the establishment of a healthy marketplace.

Our broad range of clients includes miners, hedge funds and asset managers, and gives us access to large pools of liquidity. With specialized teams and relays across the globe, Zoie provides institutional clients with the best possible execution.  


Assisted automated process

Trading Derivatives in the digital asset space requires not only liquidity but also seamless and fast execution. With a fragmented and largely unregulated market place couple with the constant emergence of new players, Zoie offers an integrated service from the negotiation of the trade to the full execution (matching, crossing) as well as professional vetting of its clientele for the benefit of everyone involved.


To that effect, Zoie is corporation with an established technology-strong partner and developed its own platform, making sure that its service goes beyond the negotiation phase and follows up on the allocation of the trade into each counterparts' account. Our clients simply have to confirm the trade details, both saving time and avoiding costly errors.



Financial Engineering

Within the structured product space, Zoie offers product design, pricing and accompanies its clients in risk managing and leveraging of those products to extract value and increase the profile of their own franchise. Leaning on the liquidity provider side of the business, it is able to provide realistic structuring adapted to the circumstances of the Digital Asset space as well as an efficient commercial approach.

A structured product is a packaged financial product offering a given return, or coupon, over a specific period of time in connection with the performance of a given underlying. It often presents high potential annual returns in  a low-yielding environment and diversification benefits away from more classical investments.


There is a wide range of structured products available across the risk spectrum (capital growth or income). We carry out extensive research and adopt a tailor-made approach adapted to each of our clients' specific needs.